An Audience is a group of app users that have been segmented based upon one or more defined attributes. For example, you can filter app users based on attributes like the places they have visited, the number of messages they have received, or the date they downloaded the app.

How to use Audiences

Audiences can be very useful for personalized message campaigns and targeting specific app users. They can also help app owners notice trends and track user habits among their app users. Whether you want to group app users for hypertargeting or keep up with the patterns of how your app users are engaging with your app, audiences can be a powerful tool.

When setting up a campaign, you can choose one or more audiences to send a message to. This means that only app users included in the audience selected for the campaign will receive the message. For instance, you could create an audience of New Users (users who downloaded the app within the last 30 days) and send a message to the New Users welcoming them to the app with a coupon or special offer.

Audience Filters

There are many ways to filter your app users. Our platform comes with 29 default attributes to filter your users by. Attributes are related to messages, places, dates a user performed an action, or the number of times a user performed a certain action, along with any information a user gives the app. You can also create your own attributes with the help of your development team.

Attributes have 4 different types of values: boolean, date, integer, & string. To learn more about the types of attributes, check out the User Attribute Values Explained article.

How to Attach an Audience to a Message

To create audiences, head to the audience tab from the dashboard. Once you have an audience you would like to target, create a new campaign. Step 4 of the campaign set up process allows you to add an Audience to your message for targeting. In the search bar, type the name of the audience(s) you to want to add to your campaign and select it. The audiences you have selected will be the only groups of app users that will receive the message.

Monitoring Trends and User Habits with Audiences

While Audiences can be very useful for targeting purposes, they can also be used to monitor trends and habits of your app users. If you would like to know which users are engaging the most with your app, you could create an Audience of users who have opened your app more than 5 times in the last month. That is just one example... the insight you can gain from audiences is limitless.

Location data can tell you a lot about your users' interests. Knowing which places a user frequents gives you valuable insight to what a user likes and dislikes. For instance, creating an audience of all the users who have visited the local baseball stadium can tell you which of your app users are baseball fans. Get creative and get to know your app users.

The Analytics dahsboard gives you an overview of your top performing audiences. At a quick glance you can see the number of Active Users, New Users, and users who are slipping away. The Analytics dahboard also shows you the audiences that have opened the most messages, visited the most places, and have engaged with your app the most times. Knowing how your app users are using your app and interacting with your campaigns is the first step to creating personalized campaigns that keep your users coming back.

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