Though we have many to choose from, sometimes brands need specific attributes to target their ideal user. Here is an easy way to create your own filter attribute. 

First head to settings.

Click Profile & Account.

Select User Attributes.

Click on Create an Attribute.

Fill in the name of your desired attribute filter.

Select data type. The choices can be defined in the Attribute Values help doc. 

E.g. A jewelry company wants to sell birthstone necklaces to specific users with the specific birthstone of each month. They create a custom attribute with the name, Birthstone.

The data type would be a Date. 

Once the custom attribute has been saved, your developer needs to add this new attribute to your SDK. In the SDK, there is a list of functions you can use to add a new property to your SDK. This is necessary to have a working attribute filter. 

Congratulations! You created a custom filter. It is now available in your Audience filtering drop down menu. 


To learn about the other filters check out the Attribute Glossary. For a complete run-through of the Audiences feature, check out our Audiences & Users help doc. For additional one on one help, contact us. 

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