It Starts with Your Mobile App

In order to use the BoardActive software to empower your marketing efforts, you must have a mobile app. Our software allows you to track the location habits of your mobile app users and engage them in real-time. But without a mobile app... it's difficult to reach your APP users. See the problem?

In order to use BoardActive platform to its full potential, you need to embed our SDK into your existing mobile app. By doing so, you can use our platform to interact with your app users. Our lightweight SDK makes the installation process quick and easy, ensuring that adding our few lines of code to your existing app is seamless. Engaging users is already a hassle; enhancing your app shouldn't be. You can also integrate with the BoardActive Software by connecting to the BoardActive Server Endpoints.

Install the BoardActive Test App

In order to test the platform before installing our SDK into your native app, we have created a mobile app that can be used for testing. 

You can use the test app to see how your messages will appear on a mobile device and confirm that your geofences are set up properly. 

For example, you could use the platform to set up a geofence around your workplace and create a message that will be triggered when you enter that geofence. With the test app installed on your phone, visiting your workplace will trigger the message and you will receive the notification on your phone. The test app allows you to see how your messages will appear to your app users. 

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