A place is a designated location that you have geofenced. A place allows you to measure foot-traffic in a certain area and send messages to users when they enter/leave an established geofence.  These places can be used for retargeting efforts as well.  


A geofence is a virtual perimeter that can be set around any area on a map. Its radius can range from 10 to 10,000 meters for one circular in nature, and have no set limits for a polygon-shaped geofence.  This provides you the opportunity to completely customize any geofence.

Geofences are a measurable tool for driving customers to a specific Key Performance Indicator.  Geofences can help drive in-store visits, website visits, as well as many other calls to action. For instance, you can set a geofence for a shoe store in the mall, so that each time a user arrives at the mall, he or she will receive a notification about the new shoes in stock and special offers on popular items. 


Geofences can be used in a multitude of ways. Below are just a few capabilities of geofencing technology:

  • Trigger alerts & prompt push notifications
  • Launch targeted social media campaigns
  • Track vehicle fleets
  • Monitor activity in secure areas
  • Monitor employees in the field & track company property
  • Deliver coupons & promotions
  • Engage crowds of people at large events


BoardActive's software ensures the prompt delivery of notifications when users enter designated geofences. Get as granular as you want when adjusting the borders of your established fence. For example, when an app user crosses into your created geofence that movement will trigger that event.

In order to collect location data and trigger events when users pass through geofences, you must install the BoardActive SDK into your mobile app. Users must also opt-in to location services in order for geofences to work. Users may still receive messages if they have elected to not share their location with the mobile app.  In this case, the user would receive the notification where they are in broadcast mode.  


You have the ability to sort your places by adding a tag to each place you create. Tags are customizable and make it easy to categorize your places. For instance, you may want to group all of your store locations, or group your places based on the State or region they are located in.


You can easily track the number of visits per geofence in the Places list view. See which geofences are visited most frequently and compare the amount of traffic over time. 

Creating Places

To create places and measure user foot-traffic, you need:

Learn How to Add a Place and download the Test App to try it out. No development required!

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