BoardActive is a simple, reliable platform to craft and deliver location-based notifications. 

Our software gives you the ability to engage and retain your mobile app users by sending them push notifications while they're on the go. 

Quickly create messages and efficiently target users with secure notifications that appear in real-time. 

When it comes to driving business and increasing revenue, we all know that consumer insight is key. BoardActive gives you rich, contextual location data allowing you to empower your marketing efforts.

Measure the foot-traffic of the places that matter to you. Monitor store-visits, watch competitor locations, and track the efficiency of campaigns. 

Our platform makes it easy to collect precise data on the location habits of app users and skyrocket retention rates by engaging users with relevant messaging.


This shouldn't be rocket science, so we simplified the process. Our platform has 4 main components:

  • Messages: Schedule and trigger geotargeted push notifications 

  • Places: Measure foot-traffic and deliver messages when users enter/leave designated areas

  • Audiences: Create audiences of app users based upon filters, events, and in-app engagement and activity.

  • Analytics: Track efficiency across all of your campaigns in one easy place.

With more data, comes more precision. Execute campaigns, see what works, and turn downloads into revenue.  

Using BoardActive

Get the most out of our platform and take advantage of our three main elements.

  • Integrate BoardActive's SDK into your mobile app. Installing our SDK gives you the ability to schedule and send messages to your users, and collect data to help you personalize messages to target your audiences with pin-point accuracy. 

  • Use our API to integrate custom solutions to fit your needs. Our flexible staff is willing to set aside time to create custom integrations just for you. The possibilities are endless: integrate external CRMs, expose BoardActive to messaging channels that we don't natively support, or design unique triggering systems. Build BoardActive to be the specific tool you are looking for!

  • Add places and create messages, while analyzing data through our Analytics dashboard. Capitalize on our user-friendly interface and manage your campaigns, identify which places are most popular, and experiment with the look and feel of notifications before sending them to your audience. 


Unlike competitors, BoardActive has the flexibility to dedicate time to solving your unique problems. 

Schedule a Demo to discuss exactly how we can alleviate the issue.

Using the Docs

Our docs are split into Get Started and Learn How.

  • Get Started docs explain how to get set up in the platform, send your first message, and receive your first notification.

  • Learn How docs contain details about platform features and walk you through specific tasks

If you are a developer, check out our SDK & API documentation to explore integration possibilities. 

For support, email us at

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