From the dashboard, go to the Places tab. Once you are there, click the + Place button. You have the option to create a circular geofence or a polygon geofence, select the shape you desire.

Edit Your Place

  1. Add a category. Categories can help you group your places to make sorting and finding geofences easier in the future.

  2. Name your location. The name should be specific enough to help you identify the Place in your list of all saved Places.

  3. Search for your location. Enter the name, address, or latitude and longitude of the location you wish to geofence. You can also drag the geofence on the map to the desired location.

  4. Adjust the radius of your geofence. Adjust the size of your geofence. You can change the size by clicking a point on the edge of the circle and dragging it or using the radius slider on the bottom of the map. You can also input the exact radius length in the Select Radius box.

Polygon Geofence

When creating a polygon geofence, you follow the same steps above but adjusting the shape on the map is unique. To start, you will be given a triangle. You can click and drag any points on the triangle to adjust the shape. To add points to your polygon, you can click on one of the transparent midpoints and drag it to create your desired shape. Polygon geofences allow you to create any shapes you want and they are especially useful for geofencing buildings and places with hard edges.

Save Your Place

Once you are done configuring your geofence, save your place by clicking the Save button.

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