There are two ways to start creating a message. From the dashboard you can select: Create Campaign, or you could click the Messages tab and click the New Message button.

The first step is to choose what type of message you will be sending: Geofenced, Broadcast, or Visualmatic.

A geofenced message has location elements that trigger the message to send.

A broadcast message will be sent to all users immediately with no location triggers included.

A Visualmatic message is a mobile experience that involves the app user scanning a real-world image in order to receive a notification.

Step 1: Name your campaign

This name will be used to identify the campaign in the platform.

Step 2: Create & Add Locations

Create and select the geofences that will trigger the message to be sent. When app users visit these locations, they will receive the corresponding notification.

Note: You can only add locations to a geofenced message.

Step 3: Create your push notification

Write a catchy headline and attention-grabbing description. You can also upload an image to spice up your notification.

Add Deep Links to your message to create customizable in-app experiences. Click the Edit Deep Links button and have a developer add additional JSON data to your message. Deep Links allow you to add rich media to your notification such as buttons that open websites, landing pages, videos, store addresses, company contact info, and more!

Step 4: Add audiences to your message

You can send the message to all of your app users, or you can select specific audiences to receive your message.

Step 5: Add target locations

Attach one or more places to track visits. These places are where you want users to go after receiving your message. For instance, if your goal of this message was to increase store traffic, you would attach your store locations to measure conversions after the impression.

Step 6: Assign a schedule

Choose the date range and time range that your message will be sent. You can assign multiple schedules to a message.

Note: If you set a time range with no location attached, the message will send at the start time. With a location attached, the message will send anytime a user enters the geofence within the time range specified.

Once you're finished, you can Save the message or Launch Campaign. Launching the campaign will publish the message and the campaign will go live according to the schedule that was assigned.

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