Create a Message

Click the New message button to create a new message. 

Name Your Message

The name should be specific enough to help you identify the Message in your list of all saved Messages.

Select a Place

Attach a Place to your message. This will be the location where your users will receive the message. Type in the name of a Place you have created and select it (if you have not created any Places, you will need to do that first: How to Create a Place).

Attaching a geofence to your message will allow you to send users a notification whenever they enter/leave a designated area.

Write Your Push Notification

1. Upload an image to add a visual component to your notification. Or don’t, it’s up to you. (Text-only notifications are proven to be more effective than notifications with images.)

2. Craft a headline to catch the user’s attention.

3. Write a message with a call to action that invites the user to click on your notification.

Assign a Schedule

1. Select a date range to schedule the length of your campaign.

2. Select a time range to day-part campaigns and restrict when messages are sent. If you set a time range with no location, the message will send at the start time. With a location attached, the message will send anytime a user enters the geofence within the time range specified.

3. Enter a daily limit to restrict the maximum number of times a single user can receive this message per day.

4. Enter a total limit to restrict the maximum number of time a single user can receive this message for the duration of the campaign. 

Be advised: If a message is scheduled for a specific time and date, it must be assigned a location. Otherwise, it will send out daily at the given time.

Select a Place to Measure Visits

Attach one or more places to track visits. These places are where you want users to go after receiving your message. For instance, if your goal of this message was to increase store traffic, you would attach your store locations to measure conversions after the impression. 

Add Additional Data

Have a developer paste additional JSON data into your message to create custom in-app experiences. Don't have a developer? We can do it for you. This code allows you to completely customize your notification. Want to add website links, open landing pages, send videos and rich media, etc.? You do this here by simply adding a few lines of code. 

Test Notifications

Note: Before testing a notification, you must click the Save button

With the BoardActive Test app, you can test how your notifications will look by clicking the Test Notification button 

A notification will magically appear on the home screen of your mobile device. This feature allows you to experiment with the appearance of  your notifications before setting them live.

Use the BoardActive Test app to craft and test messages until your fingers hurt, and make sure you get it just right before sending messages to your app users. 

Set Live

When you are finished crafting and testing your notification, click the Set Live button to activate the message. 

Your app users will receive a notification dependent on the place and time conditions you have established. 

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